Wall Tattoos

Wall Tattoo Features:

  • Unique, popular, contemporary look
  • Self adhesive, easy to apply and remove
  • Select from our catalogue, or custom order your own design
  • Choose your own font and phrase in any size
  • Safe for use on any surface, paint or wall

What are Wall Tattoos?

Wall Tattoos are self-adhesive decals that are applied directly to your wall with no need for pastes or glues. Our wall media products are removed as easily as they are applied, with no need for chemicals or hair dryers. Our advanced and easy to work with materials allow you to focus on your creative visions with complete flexibility and peace of mind.

Create intricate designs or phrases for your walls without the complications of paint.

Your Wall Tatttoos will arrive prepared for easy installation. 

How do I choose a Wall Tattoo?

Our eStore has a wide range of tattoos from which you can select. If you prefer a Phrase, simply see our Wall Phrase page here. We have an extensive font collection and if you require assistance selecting a font, you may like to visit www.dafont.com to see samples.

Can I design my own?

Yes. If you are skilled in graphic design or know somebody who is, we can work with your own artwork or photographs. Simply proceed to the eStore and select the appropriate custom product, or submit a custom estimate request form.

Can I request a size that is not in your eStore?

Yes, we can produce tattoos of virtually any size. If you have special sizing requirements that are not satisfied by the options in our eStore, please submit a custom estimate request form.

Standard eStore options are priced to maximize value, so custom estimate orders are a premium option. 

Are Tattoos easy to Install?

Yes, Wall Tattoos are installed with ease. It is simply a matter of peel and stick.  For complex tattoos with thin/fragile extremities, we apply a pre-mask to remove any complexity from the installation process.

Please note that Wall Tattoo material is smooth and flat. Wall Tattoos will take the form of the wall or object to which it is applied. Wall Tattoos will not hide structural imperfections. Please ensure that the application surface is smooth, clean and dry prior to installation.

For full installation instructions, including general product care guidelines, please download the “Wall Tattoos Installation Instructions” pdf document. 0

What colours are available?

The following solid Wall Tattoo colours are available.

Paint Match *
White Benjamin Moore: Chantilly Lace 2121-70
Black Benjamin Moore: Black 2132-10
Dark Brown Benjamin Moore: Appalachian Brown
Light Brown Benjamin Moore: Golden Retriever 2165-30
Beige Benjamin Moore: Monroe Bisque HC-26
Dark Grey Benjamin Moore: Kendall Charcoal HC-166
Grey Benjamin Moore: Gray Shower 2125-30
Light Grey Benjamin Moore: Sweet Innocence 2125-50
Dark Green Benjamin Moore: Absolute Green 2043-10
Light Green Benjamin Moore: Prairie Green 2038-30
Mint Benjamin Moore: Bermuda Teal 2044-50
Dark Blue Benjamin Moore: Dark Royal Blue 2065-20
Light Blue Benjamin Moore: Toronto Blue 2060-40
Soft Pink Benjamin Moore: Blushing Bride 2086-50
Pink Benjamin Moore: Peony 2079-30
Yellow Benjamin Moore: Bright Yellow 2022-30
Red Benjamin Moore: Million Dollar Red 2003-20
Orange Benjamin Moore: Outrageous Orange 2013-10
Lavender Benjamin Moore: Crocus Petal Purple 2071-40
Lilac Benjamin Moore: Purple Easter Egg 2073-50

* Please note that unless you have a colour calibrated monitor, the colour images you see on your screen may vary slightly from our Tattoo colours. Please refer to paint swatch matches for a more accurate approximation.

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